We value our people and embrace the future with an open mind.

    Putting our clients' needs first, we aspire to be a consistent partner.
    Business philosophy is what guides us and is a never-changing value of Mirae Asset.


    As a global financial group,
    We pursue excellence in investment management to
    help our clients achieve their long-term objectives.

    we strive for our clients’ lifetime well-being.
    Our Group Vision presents Mirae Asset’s evolving
    role and strategy as a global investment
    company working to wards our clients’ lifetime well-being.


Our four core values-Clients First, Objectivity, Team Play and Citizenship - should be
the key decision making criteria for all Mirae Asset employees.

  • Clients first

    Our clients’ success is
    our success. We will nurture
    long-term relationships by
    helping our clients build
    wealth for life with proven
    investment strategies.

  • Objectivity

    We assess opportunity
    impartially. Our independence
    helps ensure our decisions
    are aligned with the needs of
    our clients.

  • Team Play

    We grow through respect
    for each individual and belief
    in team spirit. We aim to create
    an ethical meritocracy in which
    talent is rewarded and opportunity is
    equally available to all.

  • Citizenship

    Profoundly aware of
    our responsibilities as good
    corporate citizens, we give
    back to the communities that
    nurture us and pledge to
    continue to support a range of
    community initiatives.


As Korea’s leading financial institution, our investment activities are firmly based on solid investment principles and
know-how accumulated with our professional experiences.

  • Mirae Asset identifies
    the sustainable competitiveness of companies.

    Companies with “sustainable competitiveness” refer to
    those companies with a competitive advantage in
    market share, business model, corporate governance and
    earnings growth.
    It is the Mirae Asset belief that share prices eventually
    converge with earnings growth and
    subsequent cash flow.

    Thus, our efforts to identify companies with sustainable
    competitiveness are a search for high quality factors in
    a company that will lead to stable
    earnings growth.

  • Mirae Asset invests
    with a long-term perspective.

    A long-term perspective is needed when
    determining whether a company’s
    competitiveness is sustainable.
    Though share prices may be volatile over the short-term,
    earnings growth is the main driver behind long-term
    price movements.

    Investing in individual company’s intrinsic competitiveness
    and generating stable cash flow is the very
    essence of long-term investment.

  • Mirae Asset assesses investment
    risks with expected return.

    Investment risks should always be simultaneously assessed
    with expected return. Key factors such as valuation,
    corporate governance and liquidity should be
    constantly monitored for any potential damage on the
    long-term competitiveness of a company.

    Exposure to assets that may incur too much risk should be
    limited while the Risk Management Division should
    constantly monitor whether actual investment
    adheres to our investment principles.

  • Mirae Asset values a team-based
    approach in decision-making.

    Successful investment management at Mirae Asset is not
    based on an individual’s decision-making but rather on a
    team’s decision to firmly adhere to our
    investment principles and process.

    Mirae Asset does not rely on star managers.
    Portfolios in accordance with our investment principles are
    created through extensive discussions and teamwork
    among division members.